Africa Communications Week is an annual global campaign open to communications professionals with an African focus/expertise. ACW’s mission is to empower and equip Africa focused communications professionals with the tools and resources to change the current narratives about Africa.

AfricaCommsWeek is powered by a virtual international team of multi-talented communications professionals who share a vision for transformative change in Africa through strategic communications.

Key Features

AfricaCommsWeek hosts a series of conferences, workshops and webinars around the world to encourage Africa focused communications professionals connect, engage and reflect on the role of communications in Africa’s development.

A special report examining the impact of communications on Africa’s development will be published featuring the research and informed opinions  of communication experts from over 40 countries.

Read more about why we need to critically assess the role of communicators in Africa’s development.

Who is this for?

Communication and PR professionals with an expertise/interest in Africa, from African countries and across the globe

Multinational companies / Government institutions / Academia / NGOs/Civil Society Organisations / Media

What’s in it for you?

Awareness: Communication professionals are invited to critically assess the role of the communication industry in Africa’s development

Networking: A global movement to connect PR and communications practitioners with an expertise/interest in Africa

Partnership: Engage the massive potential, creativity and competences across the African continent


Global Coordination

Advisory Board

Leadership Series

Thursday November 9 2017

Africa’s Image in Global Media: Changes and Continuities

A webinar with Dr. Toussaint Nothias, Stanford University
Tuesday November 28 2017

The Future Of Public Relations In The Age Of Social Media, Fake News And Global Crises

A webinar with Ayeni Adékúnlé, Founder, BlackHouse Media
Wednesday January 24 2018

7 Ways to Engage a Pan-African Audience

A webinar with Eloïne Barry, CEO, African Media Agency
Tuesday February 6 2018

Going Global: How to Adapt Communication Strategies for Different Countries and Cultures

A webinar with Kara Alaimo, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Hofstra University
Wednesday March 28 2018

A Seat at the Table: Communications as a Strategic Management Function

 A webinar with Martin Namasaka, Head of Regional Programmes, ADRES Group

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